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What is Pay Per Click Management?

google mobile click-to-callAs a client of Wholesale Internet Solutions, you have the ability to place advertisements (ads) across the internet using one of our supported providers (Google, Bing, Facebook, etc.)
These advertisements for your company show up in search results and websites across the internet; this model is called Pay Per Click Advertising. Users “click” on your advertisement to visit your products/services, in return you (the company) “pay” a fair fee for each user selecting your ad; Pay Per Click!

Pay Per Click Management is the service provided by Wholesale Internet Solutions to manage those advertisements on behalf of your company. We monitor and perform adjustments on your ads, provide reasonable placement bids, reconcile keyword lists, create & edit ad copy, target local consumers, and much more.

Features, Pay Per Click Advertising

Monthly, Fixed Budget

We provide professional guidance and you decide the budget limitations

Simple Reporting

Monthly or real-time reporting can be requested for your advertising campaign

Ad Targetability

reach your ideal customers with both geographic and demographic ad targeting

Local Targeting

We can target ads nationally, sometimes local is a better starting point
*  Additional fees may apply for hosting, domain name procurement and management, maintenance, and/or any additional website design and development services. Any Wholesale Internet Solution clients may retain their websites should they choose to cease their advertising campaign with us. We will transfer site files to the client upon request. If an advertising campaign is no longer required, clients may continue to host their website with Wholesale Internet Solutions ten (10) dollars per month. An additional fee may be required if transfer services are required to move a client’s website to another provider. A fixed-bid estimate for this services will be provided upon request.

Put Pay Per Click to work for you!

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