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Thank you SOOO MUCH!  It looks AWESOME! You and your team did an Excellent job, and the translation feature on the site, and the ability to track sales conversion tracking, will be a game-changer for our company! If you ever need a letter of reference, or would like to have a prospective client call me, I would be very happy to say nice things about you and your team!
Jeff Reed, BimmerFix Products Co.

It was good working with your crew. They are fast at what they do. Thank you for all your help. I will be using your service in the future for updates.

Mike, Salt2Summit

Thank you for the follow up Renee! It was refreshing to speak to someone who knows customer service. Even though you didn’t know the answer to my questions due to it not being your area of expertise, you went out of your way to find the answers I requested instead of just replying with the typical “I don’t know” that I’m so used to hearing these days. This is a quality that has all too often been lost to laziness or ignorance of good manners in recent years. Thanks again and please feel free to forward this email to your supervisor. I would like him/her to know.

Kenny, Guaranteed Carpet & Tile

I am retiring and shutting down my business, but I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you how happy I am with your business service. Global Media Solutions is by far the most cost effective form of advertising I have ever done and it really works. Edwin Pinto, my account manager, even allowed me to temporally bump up my account for a month when I wanted more calls during a local event. Thank you for a job well done.

Donald, President, Checker Cab of the Emerald Coast Inc.

My family owns a small seasonal business in Southeast Kansas. We have a pumpkin farm and love opening our doors every Fall for 6 weeks, inviting the public to come out to enjoy pumpkins, fun Fall activities and the country. Letting folks know we’re here is our biggest challenge! We’re on a very limited budget so continually struggle with the best, most cost effective way to reach people. After a call from Global Media Solutions last year, we decided to give them a try last Fall. They helped us set up a package in which anyone in our area “googling” keywords on their mobile devices would see our business first. With all the Smart phones out there, it seemed like the way to go. And the cost was affordable! Next Fall Ryan called me back to ask if we’d like to try it again, he told us how many people saw our business listed, how many actually clicked on it and how many people called our phone number. I like concrete numbers! We’re trying it again this year and hope for even better results! Thanks, Ryan!

Ruth, Hickory Creek Farms

Shaka contacted me over the phone and in a very short time he gained my trust, not easy to do. I perfer doing business with people I like and get along with Shaka spent the time with me to gain both trust and friendship.

Brad Hoyt, DBA Northwest Services

I was cold-called and pretty suspicious.  The level of professionalism and responsiveness from Tiffany, Bryce and the company definitely won me over.  I liked their energy and business approach and I really liked the results.

Tim Salladay, My Primary Colors

In 2012 I made the semi reluctant and very skeptical decision of advertising my business with Wholesale internet Solutions, LLC.  After finally pulling a semi thriving tow company from a 3 year negative spell, I knew that I needed an edge on the competition if I intended to go anywhere in this competitive industry. 

I had been solicited by Wholesale Internet Solutions, LLC a few times before early in the year and honestly never gave them a minute of my time (telemarketer calls always bother me) but, on a random day at the right time their persistence and fervent desire to really provide a service to my business they called and I happened to listen.  

At first my skepticism weighed in on using an online service to promote my company. I’m a college graduate with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing, and aside from a website I built I didn’t believe paying for a Google partner company would help at all, but after listening to the representative, had me thinking about where I wanted my company to go, and how Wholesale Internet Solutions, LLC could take me there.  He explained what they offered, and how their marketing strategies would get me city wide recognition within weeks, promising an increase in call volume within a few short days. When I explained to him that I owned 2 locations each within 20 miles of each other, he basically said I was living under a rock for not utilizing their services months ago when they called the first time (again my skepticism and fear of being ripped off for services that failed to provide always got the better of me.)  When it came to cost, the thought of paying month to month sounded ridiculous, but before I could say no, the representative surprised me and said he would drop the price just to give me a 2 week test run. He knew that the services they provided would reap huge benefits for me. 

He couldn’t have been more right. Within a month I had an increase in call volume, and the advertisement alone put Able Towing in position for city wide recognition. I was above the competition, prime location on Google! It was probably the turning point for my company. I had to hire 2 new employees, because of my call volume increase. I wasn’t bombarded with calls that I couldn’t provide service to customers; I was however towing more than I had been in three years and the ever growing name of my company was beginning to pick up. From that decision to utilize the services of Wholesale Internet Solutions, LLC I have a completely new company. It has allowed me the extra income to upgrade to better equipment, implement a brand new logo that stands out above the competition, and has made me less of a skeptic to advertising. The services they provide are one that I will never regret paying for. Anything I need they fix or change immediately.  I can always get a professional individual to email me or call me back to assist me in questions regarding my account. 

There were a few weeks when my bank had changed carriers and had canceled my credit card without properly notifying me. My call volume had dropped, the phones weren’t ringing like they had been. It was like I didn’t exist! After calling Wholesale Internet Solutions, LLC they explained to me the issue and remedied the problem. Literally within a day i was back in business.  The realization was that the services they provide keep me in business. They are the outlet for customers to find me. I intend on being a partner with Wholesale Internet Solutions, LLC till the day they shut their doors. Best decision I have ever made was the day i decided to utilize their services. 

Able Towing